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With this module in place, you will not waste your pos system meaning marketing the products to the uninterested audience. It rather helps you focus on the audience that is most likely to convert into leads. The POS software helps you manage a plethora of hectic management operations in an efficient manner. With an effective retail system in place, you can automate all types of management and marketing activities effortlessly. The costs of putting in POS terminals differ with the dimensions of the enterprise and the phrases from the provider.

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India’s payment system evolved from the barter system to cash to cards to digital… However, they come with certain limitations, such as a high upfront fee and a limit to access. As more retailers sell on multiple channels, it is important to update information on stock and sales. You can verify inventory rates at different locations and move stock without having to think about it, as the information would automatically be changed by an EPOS device with stock control.

A POS system is the software and hardware that a shop, restaurant, or other business like institutes, hospitals, or education centers needs to run their business. From ordering and managing inventory to processing transactions to managing customers and staff, the point of sale is the central hub that keeps a business running. POS offers better inventory management as you can track the real inventory with a single click.

The system includes a customizable merchandise library, sales reporting, employees management, enterprise analytics and pricing options to suit companies of all sizes. A point of sale purchase or payment is the specific point in time when a financial transaction takes place through a POS system. For example, if you decide to buy two products and take them to the checkout counter, the staff there would scan the products and create a receipt. These units can also act as barcode readers utilizing a constructed-in camera and as cost terminals utilizing built-in NFC know-how or an external cost card reader. A variety of POS corporations constructed their software specifically to be cloud-based mostly. Other companies who launched pre-2000s have since tailored their software to evolving expertise.

What is a POS software?

While choosing an electronic point of sale system, make a note of the functionalities essential to your business. Here’s a view of how the new smart electronic point of sale systems work in India. Many delivery agents refused to accept cash as a precautionary measure.


CRM systems, or customer relationship management, is a key component of effective enterprise pos software. Inventory management software can help businesses save time and money by reducing the need for manual inventory tracking and data entry. Label printing software is a type of enterprise pos software that helps businesses print labels for products and packaging. An enterprise point of sale software helps businesses manage inventory, customers, and sales.

Choose Right POS System for Your Business

You can’t get your customers to become loyal clients without capturing their personal data and providing them with a personalized shopping experience. It also helps you set up marketing strategies to keep up with the trend and grow your business. Make sure you choose a customizable software application so that it can be adjusted to the latest trends and growing business structure. Retailers spend thousands of bucks on accounting and invoicing every month. They hire a team of accountants who can manage the company’s accounts and record financial data seamlessly.

The basic function of a PoS system consists of a software application that manages user access and transactions. The purchase history is one of the most important variables maintained by the PoS system because this information is vital in business management. It can generate significant savings on employee time and payroll, improve stock control performance, and be the starting point for consumers and their actions to create a database. Most modern-day POS systems, such as one offered by Cashfree Payments, enable retailers to accept payments via different methods. Since these businesses have smaller budgets, softPOS will serve as an excellent solution to easily and easily accept low ticket-size online payments.


The card holder is not charged any amount for the transactions .The merchant needs to pay a certain percentage of the transaction value to the bank. This charge payable by the merchant is known as MDR- Merchant Discount Rate. There are three main objectives of a POS system – managing one’s business inventory, automation of accounting and collection of customer data.

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Make payments of up to INR 200 per transaction and INR 2000 per instrument until the balance runs out. The Reserve Bank of India recently announced the launch of a new framework under its digital payments umbrella – offline digital payments. Now, delivery agents could easily download modern electronic point of sale system apps on their smartphones and efficiently collect payments.

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POS systems are beneficial for businesses because they help to manage inventory, track sales, and streamline the checkout process. This type of software typically includes features for barcode and RFID labeling, or GPS devices as well as data collection and analysis. It helps businesses save time and money by reducing manual inventory management. RFID software is a type of enterprise pos software that uses radio waves to communicate with devices, usually for the purpose of tracking inventory.

A POS is a place where your customer makes a payment for products or services you sells. For example, when you go to dominos and the counter person clicks on screen and select items you have ordered and a print out of bill comes, it is a POS system. Moreover, automatic notifications can be sent to the customers as reminder for payments. You can even send promotional messages using software that will enhance your sale. It helps in better customer management as each customer has a profile maintained in the software. The purchase history of that client will also be maintained that will help you to deal with the customer whenever they call regarding their issues.

However, if you choose the on-premises software, then you will need an IT team to explain to you all the modules integrated into the system and the working of the software. Some software applications come packed with the training videos, tutorials, articles, and guides that teach you everything you need to know about the software. If you still face any issue, you can contact the vendor and ask for assistance. MCi Apps POS software comes with a facility to read and manage barcodes.


POS or you can say Point of Sale is a system where payment is made by the customer against the product or service at the store. Retail point of service systems empower retail staff to deliver memorable service levels and build customer loyalty in an omnichannel world. These systems can also help businesses to track employee performance, sales data, and other valuable data insights. Point of sale software with CRM capabilities can help businesses achieve great customer service and goals. Hence accounting software compliments enterprise POS software largely to make financial decisions across the supply chain. This type of software can be used to create and print ID cards, as well as track employee information and access control.

International card acceptance Facility – Foreign cards acceptance in PoS machine. EMI@PoS – Credit card holders can convert the payment into Equated Monthly Instalment through EMI facility enabled in PoS machine. With the introduction of bar codes in the 1970s, graphical interfaces in the 1980s, and online ordering in the 1990s, POS systems have evolved along with technology.

Self-https://1investing.in/ POS systems enable clients to make purchases without the presence of an employee. By implementing this approach, firms will be able to enhance productivity while reducing labor costs. Examples of businesses that profit from desktop POS include restaurants, grocery stores, fashion stores, bookstores, salons, and spas.

  • It is usually connected to a printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer.
  • You don’t have to visit your store to complete a transaction or gather information.
  • They have to constantly keep a track of their inventory, online and offline orders, inflow and outflow of payments, etc.
  • This type of software typically includes features such as inventory management, customer tracking, and sales reporting.
  • No matter how small your retail store is, you need a mobile-friendly POS system that runs seamlessly on all devices.
  • Some common features include the ability to read multiple barcode symbologies, connect to POS systems wirelessly, and read barcodes from mobile devices.

Other advantages of a POS System include, the ability to implement various types of discounts, a loyalty scheme for customers, and more efficient stock control. SoftPoS – Mobile application based payment acceptance facility with Tap-n-Pay and QR functionality. You must keep up with the latest advancements in POS technology to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re shopping for a POS system for the first time, make a list of the features you want and chat to other business owners in your industry.

SoftPOS systems by Cashfree Payments are transparent, the best services with no hidden charges. No matter the kind of business you run, softPOS solution will solve all your payment problems. Smartphones , as well as software , need to adapt to the ever-evolving payment acceptance needs. They’ve practically changed the entire payment acceptance game at merchant level. To say, the new electronic point of sale systems are serving as the backbone for the RBI, helping to facilitate such innovative payment methods.

  • Consequently, you can begin selling as soon as the POS software is activated.
  • Should you face the poor connectivity issue, you don’t have to turn the software off.
  • Through customized professional quotations, generating invoice will become easy in just one click.
  • So, if you accept only cash payments and use those outdated cash registers, then it is a high time you considered a change.

The software available in the hardware reads the magnetic strip on the card. Money is transferred to the merchant and the transaction is completed in minutes. The shopkeeper prints two receipts, one for the customer, and the other for himself. One is signed by the customer that helps the shopkeeper later to tally the amount he received in his business. The main purpose of the POS software is to streamline the checkout and management process. It digitalizes the small brick and mortar store and helps you conduct sales efficiently.

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