9MM Ammo

If you need bulk 9mm ammo for sale at cost-friendly prices, then you will probably have to search no more because we’ve covered you. The 9mm ammunition in Stock is the best cartridge for self-defense and target shooting worldwide. George Luger created the 9mm ammunition in 1902.

Characteristics of The 9mm ammunition:

  1. weighs between 115 to 147 gr
  2. Can handle up to 235.00 MPa Pmax piezo pressure
  3.  Case length of 19.15mm with a 0.862 cm3 capacity

Best 9mm Ammunition

  • Jacketed hollow point (JHP): This 9mm JHP ammo has an indented cartridge. These cartridges expand on impact, adding to stopping power, and are used by law enforcement, the military, and self-defense.
  • Full metal jackets (FMJ): 9mm FMJ ammo is a cartridge encased in hard metal. They are used mainly for range and target shooting.
  • Ballistic tips: 9mm ballistic cartridges are for pistol hunting and distance shooting. 
  • Open tip match (OTM): OTM ammunition is for target and competition shooting. These cartridges are consistent and accurate.  

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