223 Remington

The 223 Remington Ammo/ rifle cartridge is a rimless and bottle-necked cartridge. The SAAMI gave it the title 223 Remington Ammo For Sale. While the CIP gave it the 223 Rem. It was developed for the US Army’s Troops Command in 1957 by Remington Arms. And Fairchild Industries as part of a plan to establish a small-caliber, high-velocity weapon.

The 223 Remington is a widely known cartridge found in a wide range of semi-automatic and manual-action rifles and handguns.

The United States Army’s cartridge is called “Cartridge, 5.56 mm ball M193.” The 5.56x45mm NATO is made with the 223 Remington. In December 1963, Remington launched the Model 760 rifle, chambered for 223 Remington for sale.

The .223 Remington Ammo helps for many purposes. You can use it for self-defense and home security. However, traditionally it is used for both military and police enforcement objectives. It also has the capability of being used for hunting and shooting. 

the 223 Remington cartridge is available from different companies in our store. The largest manufacturing brands are our best-selling items. At our store, you’ll find all kinds of 223 Remington ammo from leading suppliers.

Top-selling 223 Remington 

1. Hornady: Hornady is the leading brand when it comes to ammunition. The bullet weight of the Hornady 223 Remington is roughly 62 grains. Its bullet is built of brass and has a complete metal jacket. This one has a muzzle velocity of 3100 fps, and its muzzle energy is 1323 ft-lb.

2. Federal: Federal is a well-known manufacturing brand in the ammunition industry. The Federal 223 Remington Ammo has a muzzle velocity of 3240 fps. It also has a bullet weight of 55 grains and is a full metal jacket bullet. Furthermore, the case is of brass. When it comes to saving money, this is a good option.

3. Winchester: Winchester is a well-known ammunition manufacturer. They have developed and produced a wide range of munitions. The bullet weight of the Winchester 223 Remington is roughly 55 grains. The bullet type is a complete metal jacket and a brass casing. It is readily available in our stores at very reasonable pricing.

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