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.30-30 Ammo for sale centerfire hunting cartridge designed by John Moses Browning for Winchester 94 In 1895. The 30-30 Winchester Cartridge’s propellant charge is 30 grains of pyroxylin powder (1.95g). To Buy 30-30 Ammo Online in Stock you should know this Ammunition was the first hunting and sporting cartridge to use Called smokeless powder. The shape of its case has a frustoconical shape and a bead.

Some weapons firing the.30-30 Ammo;

Winchester 94, Marlin 336, Savage 340, 1-Shot Thompson Contender, Mossberg 464, Rossi Rio Grande Lever Action Guard. This Ammunition is called .30-30 Winchester or .30Winchester centerfire/.30WCF. To Buy 30-30 Ammo online in stock be aware of the 30-30 Ammo for sale bullet diameter: 7.62 mm, Socket Length: 51.8mm, and cartridge length: of 64.77mm. Its Ballistics has ball mass: 2000s – 9.55 to 11g. Initial speed 2000s – 671 _ 740 m/s, Initial energy: 2000s – 2,476 _ 2,580 J.

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Best-Selling 30-30 Winchester Ammo online

  1. Federal: The most extensively used ammunition globally is Federal 30-30 ammo. It has a muzzle velocity of 2,220 feet per second and 150-grain weight.
  2. Hornady: It has a muzzle velocity of 2,400 fps and a grain weight of around 160 grains. In terms of performance, it’s a solid and reliable cartridge that improves round performance. Furthermore, Hornady’s excellent quality. Its compatibility with 30-30 ammunition makes it a popular choice among choices to buy 30-30 Ammo online in stock.
  3. Nosler: Nosler.30-30 is at the top of the board. its muzzle velocity is 2,100 fps and delivers more energy than many other current cartridges. Thanks For visiting our Page!